Fishing Rates, Accommodation Packages, and Golf Specials!

     Half Day     $550
     3/4 Day      $725
     Full Day     $900
     Reduced Rates for three (3) or more days of yacht charters
*Plus applicable sales tax


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with my fishing charter?
Full or half day fishing charters include all bait, tackle and ice. The captain and crew will provide everything needed to catch fish.

How many people can go on the fishing charter?
Our charter boat is licensed to take up to a maximum of six chartered passengers plus the captain and crew.

What time does the boat leave?
Typically on a full day fishing charter we leave at 7:00 a.m. and on a half-day fishing charter we leave at 7:30 a.m. However, we can make special arrangements in advance to accommodate your schedule. Please check with the captain 48 hours prior to the day of your charter.

What do I need to bring for the charter?
All you need to supply is your own food and beverages, sunscreen and sunglasses and sea sick medication if you feel you may need it. We have plenty of cold storage and ice chests to store your food and drinks.

Is there a bathroom on the boat?
Yes. We have a comfortable and clean bathroom on the boat.

Can I keep the fish I catch?
Yes. Although we encourage the tagging and release of all blue marlin and other billfish species, you make the final decision to kill or release any fish.

Can I take my fish home with me?
Yes. We can make arrangements for you to have your fish processed and stored for the balance of your trip and then shipped to your final destination, or packaged for you to take home on your return flight. We can also arrange for your fish to be processed if you would like to have it prepared at your home or condominium or by a local restaurant.

What if I want to have my fish mounted?
Most saltwater species of fish, including blue marlin, are not mounted using the skin of the fish. The mounts are made of a fiberglass replica mold and the size is determined by measurements taken from the fish. Your fish may be mounted by either taking measurements of the fish at the time of the catch, and then releasing your fish, or by taking the measurements on the dock. We can refer you to several quality taxidermists who can then create your mount. Be sure and let the captain know of your intentions in advance of catching your fish so he can take the appropriate actions in tagging and releasing any blue marlin or other billfish.

What about tipping?
We are in the service business and our goal is to exceed our clients' expectations. If you feel your captain and crew has done a good job for you on your fishing charter, tipping is always appreciated.